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I'm Vithurs (you can call me V). I'm a serial entrepreneur, digital marketer, investor, and founder of the UK's top-rated wellness supplements brand, Blessed CBD.

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Entrepreneur Vithurs Thiru, who owns one of the U.K.’s leading, fastest-growing CBD brands, has watched the industry grow and emerged at the top of entrepreneurs in CBD by distinguishing himself. His company, Blessed CBD, takes the lead in terms of product, distribution, and quality.

All businesses hinge on the success of their founders. With their unique blend of innovation and brilliance, successful entrepreneurs can transform their industries by filling a gap in the market.This is what Vithurs (or V, as he likes to be called) did when he entered the digital marketing world and ultimately launched Blessed CBD—one of the fastest growing CBD brands in the UK.

Vithurs Thiru has always been in search of markets, opportunity, and innovation. Being a believer in keeping your eggs safely spread amongst baskets, he seeks to diversify his entrepreneurial efforts. Nowhere has he been more successful in this endeavour than in his launch of Blessed CBD, where he combined his long-standing expert digital marketing skills with his research-based, thorough approach to new markets.

Vithurs cemented his reputation as an expert digital marketer and has since forged a unique path in the UK's rapidly growing CBD industry. There’s no question about it: Vithurs' business knowledge catapulted him into a group of exclusive cannabis entrepreneurs. The techie has a unique skill set and a keen ability to build a product which others desire.

Vithurs Thiru, founder of Blessed CBD, has shown that pivoting may be a rewarding experience if done correctly and at the right time. Today, his CBD brand is used by thousands of people in the UK, and the products are endorsed and backed by globally recognized athletes, such as UFC’s Israel Adesanya.

Blessed CBD is one of the UK’s most successful CBD brands. Valued at over £20 million and projected to earn £6 million in sales this year, they’ve taken the market by storm in just 9 months. But any new company is only as successful as their founder. A great entrepreneur can bring innovation and inspiration to virtually any business.

Blessed CBD founder Vithurs is a strong believer in putting his customers’ needs first. His basic philosophy is that if you take care of your customers, success will follow. He says: “You've probably heard this before, but the typical entrepreneurs and business owners think, how can I make a lot of money? But the best way to think is, how can I make people’s lives a lot better? If you get that right, the money will eventually come.”

When serial entrepreneur Vithurs Thiru had the idea for what would eventually become Blessed CBD, he was 21 years old and already had six solid years in the digital marketing industry behind him. Turning a profit using his finely tuned digital marketing skills had become his groove but, with Blessed CBD, Vithurs ultimately sought to create a brand with meaning and ethos, and which stemmed from a deep personal importance to himself.

It takes a special breed of entrepreneur to take that “leap of faith” into a new industry. Vithurs is a 24-year old entrepreneur and founder of Blessed CBD, one of the fastest growing wellness brands in the UK. It's obvious that Blessed CBD is changing the way consumers look at the natural wellness industry in the UK, but to really understand their success, we have to take a step back and learn more about the founder.

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